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What you will learn:


Using Generative AI for attracting  talent
Helping new employees with Generative AI powered onbaording plans
Supporting job interviews with Generative AI
Identifying opportunies for using Generative AI in HR processes
Human Resources
Responsible AI

Generative AI for HR - Talent Acquisition and Employee Onboarding

Expand your AI competences in HR through generative AI

In this course you will learn how you can use generative AI in your recruiting processes, how you can simplify your employee onboarding by using generative AI and how you can establish new possibilities in your HR processes.
  • Level: beginners and advanced
  • Duration:  45-60 Minutes
  • Instructor: Amir Elion
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Course instructor

Amir Elion

CEO of Think Big Leaders
I am an innovation leader, author, and speaker. I am passionate about helping organizations and people to think about bold visions, and then to realize them. I led the Digital Innovation prgoram for Amazon Web Services in the Nordics, have been Director of Products in two start-ups, and held leading roles in Motorola and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Over the past years, I have advised and trained executives and teams on AI, Digital Twins, IoT, Cloud, and on designing new products and customer experiences. 

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