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What you will learn:


Basics of AI-based image generation
Creation of professional images for various purposes
Application of specific tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and Adobe Firefly
Access to resources and trends in AI image generation
AI image generation
Professional image design
Application of AI tools
Current trends and resources

Image Creation with AI: Artworks from algorithms

Create professional images and designs with AI tools!

In this course, you will learn about many exciting possibilities for generating images and designs using AI. We will show you Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E and Adobe Firefly and explain how to use them.
  • Level: Beginner and advanced
  •    Duration:  1 - 2 Hours
  •    Instructor: Beste Aslan Hemmerich
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Beste Aslan Hemmerich

Welcome! I'm Beste Aslan Hemmerich, and I've been diving into the world of AI for years now. I'm all about sharing what I know and helping you get the most out of AI tools. Whether you're just starting out or you've been at this for a while, I'm here to make this journey fun and interesting.

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