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The free overview course: Discover AI

In 20 minutes, we'll give you an exciting overview of exactly what AI is and in which areas it can help you with your work. We will also provide an insight into what you need to pay attention to when working with AI.
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A group of people discussing AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT or Google Gemini

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“Thanks to, we have increased the AI skills of our employees and gave them an idea of how AI will influence the future of the working world and which tools can be helpful in their area of responsibility. The tailor-made learning paths enable efficient and targeted learning.”
A smiling businessman
Bernhard Schmidinger
CIO - TCG Unitech
“'s AI courses offer tangible added value for our employees. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications enables us to develop a sound understanding of AI technologies and to integrate them sensibly into daily work processes. Particularly noteworthy is the flexible design of the learning content and the practical relevance to specific subject areas.”
A smiling businessman
Michael Martuschik
Head of HR - Frankonia
“The courses offered by have really helped me to better understand the seemingly complicated topic of artificial intelligence. With every course, I take away practical tips that can be used directly at work. A guide through the world of AI!”
A smiling businessman
Andi Schwantner
Digital Media Consulting Content & Strategy
“Thanks to the groundbreaking partnership with, we were not only able to strengthen our teams with essential AI know-how, but also decisively advance the secure integration of AI into our business processes. The platform not only meets our high security and data protection standards, but also helps our company keep pace with the latest technologies.”
A smiling businesswoman
Manuela Hektor
Head of HR - Tele Haase
“The hands-on lessons and in-depth insights into AI applications that the courses offer were exactly what I needed to better integrate AI into our communication processes. The intuitive training platform makes it fun to navigate the world of AI.”
A smiling businesswoman
Bettina Loidhold
Marketing - EY
“Valuable information, clearly interpreted, competently presented. Specific, impressive knowledge: Internet courses that are always clear and concise in terms of content. Ingenious: Great institution! (Somehow I can't get out of AI mode anymore. Thanks for everything!)”
A smiling man holding a clapperboard
Franco Schedl
Content - Kurier Digital

Do you know which AI tools you need?

We help you identify the optimal AI tools for every area of your company. Discover how AI can improve your teams' performance and increase productivity.

An insight into your employees new skills

Courses for your succes

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employee efficiency

Boost your team's performance by effectively using AI tools. More productivity, less wasted time.

Your answer to the shortage of skilled workers

With trained employees who use AI tools effectively, you can reduce your staffing requirements. Optimize your team with AI training.

Worry-free thanks to secure AI application

Our AI training courses raise awareness of the safe handling of data. Protect your business and customers.

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Test what you have learned directly on the platform - with our  GPT chatbot.
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